The Adriatic coast is very diverse and offers a wide range of activities. Cruising along that coast on a smaller vessel that can reach hidden bays and picturesque towns provides guests the opportunity to experience that diversity.


While swimming in Adriatic Sea the only thing you will wonder a lot is the question is the sea colored blue or emerald? Every bay has its own and unique sea color but one thing is sure it is always clear and transparent. Swimming, just floating or even diving will release the stress accumulated form you everyday lifestyle. Dive in an overwhelming feeling of nothing to worry about. Croatian coast is full with grand cliffs leaning over the sea just waiting for the right adventures willing to try craziest sea jumps. Not to worry we will advise you where the sea is deep enough and the only thing you can do is give it a try. swim


Even if you aren’t interested in cultural surroundings or sightseeing is just not your thing the urban landscape will surely catch your wondering eye. Ancient cities surrounded by the Mediterranean architecture are filled with numerous legends, interesting and witty stories that will amuse every audience. Where Roman emperors used to relax, where battles were fought, where famous movies or series were filmed or where pirates used to operate from are only an insight in what Croatia can offer to a guest willing to explore. sightseeing


Cycle friendly cities along the Adriatic coast, sightseeing while exercising, exploring the remarkable nature and finding the demanding paths are only some of the adventures you can find yourself in while cruising with us. Be the first one to cycle trough the forest on the island Mljet- Croatian Island famous for having many woods and two salt lakes in the middle of island. Choose your own paths and just explore. cycling

Rafting & kanuing


Imagine the picturesque canyon with a running river, waterfalls and at the end of the rout the most famous pirate town in the whole coast. We will take you for the rafting and adrenaline excitement you will remember forever. River Cetina will provide you an adventurous ride trough the untouched nature.


Experience fantastic sunsets while your paddles slowly dive into the sea, glide the surface just enough to drink in the salty air. Kanuing from one inlet to another, alone or with good company will move away from the usual while paddling trough the unknown. rafting

Enjoying Croatia

Enjoying Croatia

The sea, the sun, the nature, the people, the sights, the ambient, the pleasure and the vacation. Enjoy and sail Croatia with us. Release your brakes, breath deeply, enjoy and feel with your whole body and soul. Let yourself be happy and let us spoil you. enjoy

Zip line

Remember the Cetina canyon and rafting? If you want to see it from the air and breathe it in literary we will accompany you to the Zip line adventure over the Cetina Canyon. You can breathe, scream or even stop breathing but the excitement you will experience nothing can shadow. This is not only for the young ones this is only for the brave ones. Are you up for a challenge? zip