About us

Sirius Cruise is a family owned company.

We have a long tradition in maritime sector. In the beginning, our family owned small wooden ships for transportation of goods from the mainland to the nearby islands. Later a shifting of the ships roles occurred. With the expansion of the construction industry on the Croatian coast, the ships were used for transportation of sea sand as it was used to mix in concrete. Then in the second half of the 20th century the ships were redefined again from their original purpose. That business got abandoned as it was discovered that the gravel from the quarry is more durable in construction. As at that time Croatia became an emerging tourist destination, the ships got renovated for excursions and later for cruising. Now-days ships are being built exclusively for cruising on the Adriatic Sea due to its popularity. We are happy to contribute to its expansion. But most of all we are so lucky to still do what we did many years ago. Tradition made us who we are today and critic is what makes us want to be better tomorrow. Happy and satisfied guests are our fuel, the wind blown into our sails. Our vision is to create custom made sailing routs which will provide our guest a special insight in Croatian tradition, landscape and cultural heritage.