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  • Sea, sun and palm trees. Croatia.
  • 1246 islands to choose from...Which one would you
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Sail in' Croatia

Join us in a journey across Adriatic coast and experience unforgettable adventures during the cruise

Sirius Cruising

Reliable partner for incredible enjoyment during the cruise tours along the memorable Adriatic coast. Reword us with your trust and experience stunning vacation surrounded with the peaceful beauty of the bluest sea, delightful sunny days and authentic cultural enrichment. Visit ancient towns of the Roman Emperors, swim and dive in the daily diverse environment, walk, hike or bike and safely return to your home satisfied and fulfilled after the unforgettable Croatian adventure.
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Party Cruise

Croatia, it is all about the summer, the sea, the sun and the sights but it can be also all about the party. This is why we made a special cruising tour that includes the most famous party locations on the southern Adriatic coast, just for our young guests, well, and those who feel like partying. Want to find out why party in Croatia is no ordinary party? Join our special party cruise offer.

Deluxe Cruise

Deluxe cruise is for those prestige people who know exactly what they want from life and vacation. Peace and enjoyment, tranquility and extraordinary sights, cultural heritage and clean sea. Deluxe offer is here to please you senses, to nurture you inside-out, it is for inner satisfaction and fulfillment. Cruise that makes you feel just as special and prestige you are.

What other said about our cruises

"This was one of best things in my life"

- John Adams

Not sure you want come with us?

Cold beverage in your hand
Mediterranean dish at your command
Resting place near by
Sail with us, it’s better than to fly

When you wake up with the sound of waves,
The rest of the day will surely glaze.
When the sun kisses you cheek,
Don’t be shy, have a peek.
The sea, the sun,
The joy and the fun.
It is all right here for you,
Sail with us, don’t be a fool.